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China's textile industry is moving "green" direction
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    In September 21, "China Green Textile" high-end forum held recently in Shandong, Zibo. Chinese Academy of engineering, Yao Mu, Jiang Shicheng, Sun Jinliang at the forum pointed out, China's textile industry is moving towards a low carbon environmental protection "green" direction of development. Three academicians attended the Lutai Textile Engineering Institute to start the ceremony.
    Lutai textile Limited by Share Ltd for joint stock enterprises with foreign investment, the textile and garment, comprehensive power, medicine supplemented group, is the world's largest high-grade shirt fabric manufacturer, with spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, garment and other 17 production factories.
    In the ceremony, Lu Tai Textile Engineering Institute, China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong pointed out, Lu Tai always adhere to structural adjustment pace, long-term commitment to research in frontier technology, low energy consumption and environmental protection in the development of new varieties of dyeing and energy-saving emission reduction achieved a breakthrough, rely on technological innovation and scientific management, to make the contribution to the national textile industry. The establishment of Lu Thai Textile Clothing Engineering Institute of textile enterprise in the future, adjusting the structure is important and leading role in promoting development, in the national textile industry has set a flag.
    In the "China Green Textile" Fellow-end forum, Chinese Academy of Engineering Yao Mu, Jiang Shicheng, Sun Jinliang respectively on China's latest textile materials, textile industry development direction, new biomass polyester fiber strengths and development trends and on industrial textile materials development of doing elaborate, and the company made recommendations for future development. Yao Mu want the company to increase research and innovation, the development of new varieties, and adhere to the road of development of high-end brands. Jiang Shicheng pointed out that to their advantage, to function, differentiated direction, enhance core competitiveness of enterprises. Sun Jinliang want the company targeting high-end, the industry doing fine, meticulous.

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