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“Baotuan heating” into the textile industry development in the new situation
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    From the recently held "2013 China Textile and garment industry social responsibility and social responsibility report of the joint conference" was informed, Baotuan heating, relying on cluster development, optimize the industrial chain, to overcome the high raw material prices, labor costs rise and other unfavorable factors, in recent years has become China's textile industry development in the new situation. The annual output value of only Zhejiang Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park 7 industrial clusters of more than 400000000000 yuan.
    The textile industry mainly to small and medium enterprises, small and medium enterprises to rely on "fighting man" it is difficult to resist the rising prices of raw materials, labor costs are high, the external environment approach and multiple test. China Textile Industry Association vice president Chen Shujin said, the backbone of the enterprise as a link, clusters of small and medium-sized enterprise specialized division of labor based has become the main direction of the development of the industry.
    From 2002 the textile industry has to carry out pilot industry clusters, the national textile and garment industry has been more than 190 textile industry clusters, industry total production capacity of more than 40%. Only in Fujian Province, Shishi, Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, Zhejiang Province town of Humen Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park 7 industrial cluster covers more than 400000000000 yuan output value of the textile and garment industry, more than 18000 textile and garment enterprises, and about 700000 of the textile and garment industry workers.
    China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong said, cluster and enterprise like the relationship between grass and trees. Clustering can provide effective services in R & D, monitoring, training, nourish the enterprise development, in turn, enterprise flexibility also make cluster more vigor and vitality.

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