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The Ministry of industry and information technology: the second half of China's textile industry situation is not optimistic
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    Recently, the Ministry web site announced the "2013 economic operation report" hereinafter referred to as the "report of the first half of the industrial". The report points out, the growth of domestic demand and a decline in cotton prices difference inside and outside the double impact of large, the second half of the year operating situation of China's textile industry is serious, the overall situation is still not optimistic.
    Data shows, first half of China's textile industry to achieve industrial added value grew 8.9%, the growth rate dropped 2.3 percentage points, 0.4 percentage points lower than the first quarter. The main products, yarn, cloth production increased 8.8% and 9% respectively, the growth rate dropped 4.4 percentage points and 2.7 percentage points year-on-year growth of 0.6%; garment production.
    Notable is, management benefit during the first half of China's textile enterprises to improve. According to the published data, realized a profit of 131800000000 yuan on the textile industry in the first half of the same period last year fell 2%, based on an increase of 16.6%; main business profit margin of 4.6%, up 0.1 percentage points; the enterprise loss is 17%, up 0.3 percentage points; enterprises losses of 13610000000 yuan, down 5.8% yoy.
    The Ministry said, although China's textile industry in the first half of the stable operation, but also has some prominent problems, such as domestic demand growth decline. Data show that the first half of the year, investment in fixed assets in China's textile industry growth is slowing down, clothing consumption growth over the past 10 years was reduced to about 10%.
    At the same time, the outlet pressure is still larger. Data shows, in June China's textile industry export delivery value of 5.8% year-on-year growth, has 2 consecutive months of decline.
    In addition, both inside and outside the cotton price influence still outstanding. At the end of 6, China's domestic 328 cotton prices higher than international cotton price about 4500 yuan / ton, the domestic cotton prices higher than international cotton price 4200 yuan / ton. The inside and outside mianjia difference too much influence, small business cut-off limiting the increase appears in the textile industry.

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