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Vietnam refused to allow the United States to enter the domestic market of textiles
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    The United States tried to cast a "twenty-first Century" trade agreement with Vietnam and 10 other Asia Pacific region, is currently experiencing problems, including the United States of America industry does not want to give up the textile trade policy.
    The United States hopes to complete the trans Pacific Partnership proposal at the end of the year (TPP) method, but said the South Vietnam, in top priority be nowhere, namely, Vietnam's garment and footwear to the United States of America market exports no market access.
    The Vietnamese Embassy in Washington officials said: "the United States recently proposed is very difficult for us to accept." The root of the problem is that the United States textile industry decades of tariff protection, the United States of America's textile industry currently has 300000 workers, and 2000000 workers at the end of 70.
    Vietnam is one of the world's largest garment exporter, Vietnam hopes the United States to abolish these tariffs, like the United States to abolish tariffs on Vietnamese American agricultural products and manufactured goods. Washington is pushing for Vietnam to solve the "twenty-first Century" trade concerns. The new rules including the Vietnamese state-owned enterprises trading behavior, protection of American intellectual property rights better, forced labor and environmental regulations, more foreign participation to the Vietnam government procurement market.

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