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1--5 months export shows growth trend
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    In the face of the United States of America slow economic recovery, the European debt crisis continues to spread and the yen continued devaluation international complex situation, Nantong enterprises differ not to lean, positive coping, textile exports achieved contrarian growth.
    According to the Nantong inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics, in the year 5, Nantong exported textiles 147823800 meters, the value of $277052100, compared with the same period last year increased by 11.42% and 9.45%; the goods are mainly exported to Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, Australia, Canada and other 83 countries and regions, of which exports to South Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, and East Asia textiles accounted for about 73% of the whole trade; export varieties of cotton, polyester cotton, cotton yarn dyed fabric and dyeing cloth, wherein, cotton yarn dyed fabric accounted for about 72% of the trade.
    However, with the domestic labor costs rise, the appreciation of the renminbi, the factors of production prices, especially the influence of domestic and international cotton prices hang upside down and many other factors, the export of Nantong textile prices the gradual loss of competitive advantage, foreign trade enterprise profit space is narrowing, some companies to survive and even harder to sustain. To this end, the inspection and quarantine institutions suggestions related to foreign trade enterprises enhance the design ability, development of own brand, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, to seize the international market power of discourse, to explore new markets, to enter the high-end retail market, enhance the ability to resist risks. The inspection and quarantine institutions through the implementation of classification management, release through, easy access, inspection information service platform of preferential measures, help enterprises reduce the cost of exports, increasing vehicle speed.

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